Life hacks to live by

Posted on June 11, 2018 - 12:39 pm

Nearly every morning, I ask myself difficult questions to help me reflect on my experiences from the previous day. Every day, this helps me avoid making the same mistakes over again. We all learn from our experiences, here are the top lessons that I’ve learned.

1. You can change scenarios, to change your mind and to change directions. Something that made sense yesterday may no longer make sense today, and that's okay.

2. The past shapes your experiences and who you have become during your life journey so far. What's more exciting is where you are going — work on new projects, ideas, and challenges instead of redoing what you have already done.

3. Receiving feedback and ideas are like gifts and blessings in disguise. Feedback is the cornerstone to helping you evolve and continuously take your skills to the next level. Be grateful for feedback, ask for feedback and then carefully consider how you can integrate it into your life.

4. Establish daily rituals that will help you become more successful, productive, creative, focused and contribute to your growth. They will make your day.

5. Become friends with your self-doubt. The next time self-doubt creeps into your head, thank it for visiting and let it know that now isn't a good time. Then get back to doing whatever you are doing with confidence.

6. When you have developed a strength to a level that makes you happy; that's the moment you need to push yourself further. Seek a mentor who is stronger than you. Build rapport with this unique strength that you both share.

7. Good is good. But why stick with good when you are excellent. When you are excellent in everything that you do — when you give it your all — it's important for you to know this and to feel a great sense of inner pride.

8. The more times that you are rejected, and the more No's that you receive the closer you are to achieving success. If you aren't receiving a lot of No's than you aren't pushing hard enough.

9. A warrior doesn't give up; they are trained to win. A battle may be lost, but that doesn't stop them from heading into the next battle with every intention of winning.

10. Work hard for yourself, for all the special people in your life, and for those who are no longer with us.

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Written by: Shawn Mintz, President, MentorCity

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