Introducing Speed Match

Posted on April 24, 2019 - 4:42 am

We have taken our admin matching functionality to a whole new level with Speed Match. Here’s how it works:


1.      Set the search criteria that are important for your mentoring program such as the custom fields that you have created (values, gender, interests, etc.), specialized skills/development areas, job functions, industries, meeting locations, languages, and the competencies section. Speed Match will take everything into account when recommending matches.


2.      Click on Speed Match which is in the Match section of the Admin Dashboard, and we will get the matches ready for you to review. Once they are ready, we will send you an email.


3.      All the matches will have a compatibility percentage, the areas that they have in common will be highlighted, and a competencies rating – making the process very transparent.


4.      Review the recommendations and deselect the ones that you do not agree with. Your work will be saved, so you can always come back to where you are.


5.      When you are happy with the matches, click on Match Relationships, and we will send an email to everyone notifying them about their new mentoring relationship.


  • Tip: You can customize the email that’s being sent in the Send Messages section’s System Generated Messages.


6.      The next time that you click on Speed Match, we will give you a whole new set of recommended matches to review.


Try this best practice for your mentoring program. Set a deadline for members to self-select their mentoring relationships and then use Speed Match to match the remaining people.


Would you like to give Speed Match a try? Ask us about providing your organization with access for 24 hours at no cost.


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