Top 5 strategies for achieving greater engagement

Posted on July 23, 2019 - 5:16 pm

When it comes to purchasing mentoring software, some organizations buy it, and forget about it, whereas others put time and effort into the launch of the program and then leave it to achieve just a 20 percent participation rate. Organizations that see true success with their mentoring software launch it, work at it and achieve an over 50 percent participation rate.

With mentoring software, launching it and working at it is like going to the gym to work out regularly while also eating properly – you need to consistently do both in order to see the best results. The following are our top 5 strategies for achieving the greatest success with your mentoring program:

* Lead training sessions to help members understand the impact that mentoring can have on them, how the program works, and how to be an effective mentee and mentor.

* Keep members on track by answering questions, and supporting them throughout the mentoring process (e.g. ensuring that invitations are accepted, mentoring agreements and evaluations are completed).

* Send regular messages to the community (e.g. mentoring tips, success stories, and surveys). Within MentorCity, you can pre-set these types of messages to be sent at regular intervals throughout the mentoring relationship.

* Develop marketing materials and promote the program within your organization.

* Add new resources (e.g. articles, publications, and videos). Start discussions, contribute to them and monitor them regularly.

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