Power Mentoring Program Spotlight – Big Brothers Big Sisters Saskatoon

Posted on August 05, 2021 - 1:12 pm

This month’s mentoring power program is Big Brothers Big Sisters Saskatoon (BBBSS), a mentoring program for youth between the ages of 7 and 18 that provides in-school mentoring to help them develop their self-esteem.  BBBSS collaborates with the school boards in Saskatoon and receives support from The Greater Saskatoon Catholic Schools for their mentoring program as well as MENTOR Canada (www.mentoringcanada.ca) for their access to MentorCity as an e-mentoring platform.

Jen Humble is the lead program administrator for their program and began using MentorCity during the pandemic to keep the mentee/mentor relationships and the program alive. Previously, mentoring relationships had always been in-person. Jen is most proud of the fact that they were able to transition to a virtual platform while still providing the same level of experience to participants.

When asked what Jen’s favourite part about working with the MentorCity team is, she replied “We love working with our MentorCity representative Brian Anderson. He conducts great monthly meetings and gets back to us right away when we have questions.”

BBBSS uses several strategies to keep its members engaged on the MentorCity platform, such as regular check-ins, monitoring matches, and sending monthly emails. BBBSS currently has close to 100 relationships using the platform for their mentoring conversations and to date, there have been over 750 video/voice calls conducted through MentorCity.

To build strong relationships, mentors do fun online activities with their mentees, such as performing magic tricks, playing Battleship, or playing online card games. By using the MentorCity platform, mentors and mentees feel like they are sitting in the same room as each other, and are fully engaged in activities and conversation.

Jen loves seeing the positive outcomes from the mentoring relationships –mentors help mentees see their potential and give them the extra boost of confidence that will help them throughout their lives.  

-Alicia Holland, MentorCity

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