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Posted on February 06, 2015 - 5:25 pm

Message from the author:

The  reason I wrote it was to share the message with as many people as I can that we all have it in us to live an incredible life.  Not the life the world wants us to live but the one we dream of and are capable of.  To feel the fire burn in your belly and to know the reason you are here. My hope is that everyone who reads this story will find their way to connect to the passion that lives inside all of us.  The passion that maybe you felt as a child but may have lost along the way.  It is a fictional novel that tells an amazing story.  A story just like yours and mine and everyone's.  A story of the challenges we all face and the lessons that can help us become that incredible person deep down we always knew was there. My goal is that in this story you will see your own potential in the mirror and make the decision to go for it.  To have it all.  

Randy Taylor



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Leo Molina commented over 5 years ago

Hello Randy: I am glad you wrote this book, and I hope that many people not only read it but ACT! As a mentor for organizational and personal change I find, like Dr. Virginia Satir said, that many individuals know that they need to change but the fear of change is worse than the fear of death!