Power Mentoring Program Spotlight – Looking Glass Foundation for Eating Disorders

Posted on October 26, 2021 - 8:59 pm

This month's power mentoring program is Looking Glass Foundation, a B.C. organization that supports individuals struggling with eating disorders or disordered eating. These are complex mental health disorders that tend to thrive in isolation. Through their peer support programs, Looking Glass provides a safe space and community for individuals to discuss their challenges, reflect, and develop goals and self-care strategies on their road to recovery.

Prior to the pandemic, Looking Glass was offering programs both virtually and in-person. But their virtual platform was aging and difficult to scale. As demand for their programs grew significantly during the pandemic, they needed a more robust solution, especially when all programs transitioned to virtual. After working closely with the MentorCity team to carefully customize the platform to meet their specific needs, Looking Glass moved three of their highly impactful and effective programs to the MentorCity platform.

Their Hand in Hand program matches participants with trained volunteers by using our one-to-one mentoring functionality and allows matches to meet weekly using our video calling feature. This program currently has over 100 matched relationships. Their Personal Recovery Space program is a digital peer support program that offers personalized 24/7 support in a virtual forum setting whereby participants can post confidentially and receive consistent, empathetic responses. Currently it has over 70 forums where participants are supported by trained volunteers using the group mentoring functionality of our platform. Lastly, their Online Peer Support program runs 10 regularly scheduled group chats a week using our discussions functionality.   

What we typically consider mentees on the MentorCity platform are their program participants, and the typical mentors are their team of dedicated peer support volunteers who play an essential role in supporting participants on their recovery journey.

Roz Jones, Programs Manager at Looking Glass, along with her colleagues, manages their innovative peer mentoring initiatives by training volunteers, developing curriculum and resources, managing participant intake, and making matches.

"Looking Glass services are designed to meet people where they are at in the recovery process," says Roz, adding that every program provides a safe, secure, and confidential environment for their members to communicate, share experiences, and overcome challenges. "Recovery looks different for everyone and each Looking Glass program has been designed with different needs in mind.”

Roz joined Looking Glass about a year ago as the organization was transitioning its services to the MentorCity platform. What she likes best about using MentorCity is that the all-in-one platform saves their team time and enables greater program oversight, monitoring and reporting than ever before.

"MentorCity is a secure, accessible space to deliver programs, provide training and communicate with members. The platform is user-friendly and the MentorCity team are incredibly helpful and supportive,” says Roz.

To learn more about programs at Looking Glass, please visit: https://www.lookingglassbc.com/programs.

To get involved as a volunteer, please visit: https://www.lookingglassbc.com/volunteer/

Alicia Holland, MentorCity

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