Power Mentoring Program Spotlight: Hyundai Canada

Posted on March 21, 2022 - 5:05 pm

Our power mentoring program of the month is Hyundai Canada. Before using MentorCity, Hyundai didn’t have a formal mentoring program, but instead tried to run a fully manual program of their own. Without having the software to do matching or reporting, it was hard to track the success of the program and the relationships.

When Hyundai launched their pilot with MentorCity, program administrator Lydia Bowser had never built a mentoring program before. While it was challenging to start from scratch, having MentorCity’s tools to assist her was hugely beneficial. From detailed tracking reports for her, to easy-to-use scheduling and planning tools for the participants, she found that their members began to make more of a commitment to their mentoring program. The Hyundai team’s favourite functionality of MentorCity is the embedded video calling, and they also find the Group Discussions feature very useful.

Lydia doesn’t have too much time to spend on the mentoring program – roughly 1-2 hours per week – so ease of use is crucial. Lydia enjoys the user-friendly setup of MentorCity, as well as how easy it is to get the support she needs from our team. “The responsiveness is very on par,” says Lydia. “The customer service is the best I’ve ever had.”

Having the right mentor/mentee relationships, along with a high level of engagement, led to the overall success of their program. At Hyundai, new managers are craving more training, so they created small groups of 5-6 managers who are paired with an executive team member. Through these solid mentoring relationships, individuals are able to develop the skills they need to thrive at Hyundai and continue to further advance at the company. Within their regular monthly mentoring meetings, they also host peer-to-peer groups, which is one of the best ways for members to practice their leadership skills. “Witnessing the growth of great internal relationships is hugely rewarding,” says Lydia.

It’s through these successful mentoring relationships that Hyundai’s members have really proven the importance of development at their company. If a mentorship relationship isn’t working as expected, Lydia will help find a new match for them. “Once people are really connected with their mentor, the excitement becomes very easy,” explains Lydia.

Diversity and inclusion is an important part of their program – breaking systemic barriers for Black and Indigenous employees is something they take great pride in at Hyundai. Creating a powerful social impact, such as through their tuition assistance program for Black and Indigenous students, is their continuing mission.

For 2022, Lydia looks forward to growing their program and casting a wider net so more of their employees can experience this amazing development opportunity. Using MentorCity will definitely help them get to this goal – so far, 70 percent of the participating mentees at Hyundai have been promoted through their company. Their program has positively impacted their members by allowing them to thrive and grow within the organization.

Alicia Holland, MentorCity

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