For Non-Profits

A cost-effective, sustainable mentoring program makes a lot of sense for non-profits. Budgets are restricted and staff need to wear a lot of hats. They need to have a range of competencies. They need to be quick and agile to take on new roles and projects. It can all be counterproductive.

Learning from one another ensures best practices, nurtures common values and strengthens the organization and the community as a whole. There’s another benefit. Gaining and retaining membership is a real challenge for non-profits.

Offering mentoring as a membership benefit builds those connections in a whole new way. MentorCity is a strategic investment that benefits everyone.

  Boost membership and member retention
  Offer re-certification activities
  Build connections across sectors to help each other and increase productivity
  Build professional networks
  Build diversity, inclusivity and positive personal and organizational outcomes

" What I have really enjoyed about my experiences on MentorCity is the rich and dynamic relationships I have built. "

~ Jodi Slomp, HR Manager

Engage. Inspire. Build your organization from the inside up.

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